For the last 7 years breakdancing has been a very important part of my life. I had always put a lot of physical effort in to my dancing and trained regularly to improve my skill, but when it came to competitions I was crippled with fear and anxiety. I had never made it through even the first round of a competition due to nerves, it was no reflection of my actual ability to dance and the discipline I put in to it.

I was frustrated, embarrassed and losing confidence - so six months ago, when someone suggested I meet with Laurie for some life coaching sessions, I was willing to try just about anything! I had two major national competitions coming up, and I wanted to be able to dance free from the self-doubt that held me back. I was quite skeptical at first but it took only two sessions with Laurie to unlock my fears and understand the underlying reasons for the anxiety I was experiencing.

Laurie showed me how to basically 're-wire' my mental process in the lead up to a competition using various techniques such as association and visualisation. I ended up making it in to the semi finals of both competitions! I believe this was made possible through Laurie's ability to understand my situation and empower me to conquer the negative thoughts I was having and strive for success.

I now approach competitions in a whole new way and am able to focus my energy on improving myself and enjoying what I do; it has really changed everything for me and I would recommend anyone struggling with similar issues to contact Laurie.

For about the past five months I have had Laurie McIntosh as my personal mentor. Laurie has shared his knowledge & wisdom with me & has helped me analyse & overcome issues I was experiencing. Laurie has been a great mentor, experienced in many areas including spirituality. It has been helpful having sessions with him discussing life & spirituality & what directions I should take in order to release my full potential. I have learned a lot of skills & techniques from Laurie that I am sure will equip me for life. I am confident that after finishing my sessions with Laurie I am well prepared for many different circumstances that may arise in my life.

When the coaching ended, I felt a sense of empowerment to be authentic in whatever I do. I started out with a specific issue I wanted some action items to move forward with and I ended getting these clear along with a clear resolve to be more authentic as a person. Laurie adopted a facilitative approach and used encouraging language all throughout the coaching session.